Hey, we’re not graphic designers!

Simply put, VFC is much, much, much more…

Excellence in commercial design can pigeonhole a firm
Graphic Design (noun): the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.

At least once a day we’re introduced, praised or otherwise mentioned as a client’s “graphic designer.” In every single client relationship VFC brings more to the table than design and although VFC excels in graphic design, our capabilities are abundantly greater and range to include:

Strategy: Planning and authoring client vision statements, positioning, and marketing plans… VFC specializes in strategy that delivers brand awareness, loyalty and creates brand buzz for our client partners.

Copywriting: With deep experience in technical writing, journalism, advertising headlines, punchy body copy, page stoppers, editing for brevity, ghost writing and public relations on-the-fly, VFC can enhance any brand with creative copywriting abilities.

Programming: From the development of informational web sites to completely custom web applications, solving client problems with programmed solutions are an integral part of the VFC offering.

Photography: VFC strategically captures images that align with an organization’s brand and mission and tell a story to support marketing strategy. An in-house studio, location shooting and video production capabilities develop into results for VFC clients.

The idea of graphic design might be what grabs a potential client’s initial attention, but it is our full-service brand management that keeps them coming back for more. VFC is the complete package.

Our clients who get it– those for whom we have managed brands for 10 or 15 years and helped to grow from fledgling start-ups to dynamic enterprises with personality– understand the level at which VFC contributes to their success. VFC has been called a "Swiss Army Knife" by one long-time client who depends on our creative team for everything from naming programs and products to identifying targets and successfully promoting and supporting sales.

So what do you call VFC? Brand managers, marketing department, advertising agency, design consultants, copywriters, content collaborators, strategists, webmasters… Whatever you decide to call us, VFC responds with equal measures of focused inspiration and determination to create the perfect personality for your brand!

Backed by years of solid agency experience, Virtual Farm Creative, Inc., specializes in executing complete brand management campaigns that create compelling personalities for businesses and organizations. From a 150-year-old, high-tech renovated farmhouse in the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania, VFC focuses on reaping results for a mixed roster of clients with strategic marketing that informs identity, advertising campaigns, product packaging, web development, social media, event promotion and more. For more information call 877-GROW ART or visit Virtual Farm Creative, Inc. on the web at www.virtualfarm.com.