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Dieter Rams is a German industrial/product designer who was one of the wunderkinds that put Braun on the map.

When you look at Braun products you’re as appreciative of the design as you are of the functionality and the two concepts are seamless. Rams was a groundbreaker in minimalism and he was the speaker at the Architecture and Design Society‘s annual meeting in 1933 after the group recently added, “and Design to their name.

This is what he said, and what VFC agrees, makes up “good design”:

* Good design is innovative
* Good design makes a product useful
* Good design is aesthetic
* Good design helps us to understand a product
* Good design is unobtrusive
* Good design is honest
* Good design is durable
* Good design is consequent to the last detail
* Good design is concerned with the environment
* Good design is as little design as possible.