Vendre Innovations

Hot incubation company makes connections

Leveraging associations
to startups ready to break out

Vendre Innovations is a company with an appropriate name. Vendre means "to sell" in French and this new company with valuable networks in dozens of categories is nothing if not innovative. Vendre came to VFC soon after the company formed and the partners wanted to present a brand and an Internet presence that was current and compelling. Vendre connects startup companies to networks to help them take their business to the next level and VFC developed a logo that illustrates the startup coming in solo and going to market with a strong partner.

Vendre Innovations web site is a focus on testimonials and a showcase of the deep networks that are what makes their offering so compelling. VFC developed a site that efficiently and effectively communicates the business model and makes the call-to-action an up-front component in this engaging and responsive online presentation.