Top 10 Social Media Insights

#10 Voice Posts in First Person, Plural.

Use the royal "­­we." When you offer-up social media content as a collective, your audience
is already a part of a group, your brand looks larger and you create momentum from post to post.
Timing is Everything.

Although it’s true that many people scroll through feeds to look at older posts, you can increase
impressions and "reach" by posting during times people in your audience are online most.
Know Your Audience.

You’re not developing content for yourself, your family or your friends. You’re creating content
for your ideal customer and you need to think like them and present posts they care about.
Stay Organized.

Plan posts in advance by maintaining an organized document or directory where you file ideas
and images. After you use a concept to craft a post, save it but strike through it so you don’t repost.
Promote What’s Important.

Important stories that deserve a longer shelf life can be given more weight and social longevity
by pinning to the top of the feed or reposting in between less important messages.
Rewrite to Rewire.

Your audience can tune you out if you keep echoing the same sentiments, so try a complete rewrite
of your most important posts. You can also try sending the same message as a status, a photo or a link.
Let it Simmer.

Do not repost too quickly or the first post can get overlooked. Depending on your audience and how many networks you’re engaging, you may want to institute a rule like "one post an hour" or "one post a day."
Make it Valuable.

It’s good to utilize social media to keep customers engaged, but you also want them to come away with the sense that your brand has provided them with something valuable – like knowledge, savings, caring…
Create a Personality.

Your brand’s online voice is not your voice or your personality, but a collaborative approach based upon
mission, audience and offering. Your brand’s online persona will say things you wouldn’t and vice versa.
Accuracy Matters.

The majority of potential customers in almost any category that you can think of still care about a few pillars of brand-to-consumer dialog. Namely, accurate, timely information delivered with good grammar and spelling.