The Crop: Late Summer 2009

The great Philadelphian, W.C. Fields once quipped, “never work with kids or animals,” but in the competitive universe of community banking you have to grab the consumer’s attention before you can disseminate the message. A recent New Century Bank display advertising campaign showcases active children and uses several other advertising devices to communicate an important but simple message to the consumer.

In this instance, the campaign messages have little to do with children beyond the fact that they’re being used as illustrations to communicate a simple fringe benefit- a desirable byproduct that consumers receive when they partner with VFC client, New Century Bank. During a time of significant uncertainty in the banking industry, when many banks are accepting Federal assistance to bolster their reserves, New Century Bank is attempting to make it crystal clear to their clients that their business is as certain and resolute as a child’s confidence in their own abilities.

At the same time, kids know they need help to become great. Practice and the proper equipment are necessary accoutrements for success and the Bank’s programs are subtly inferred here as protective gear that is available to the intelligent consumer. Literally speaking, when young swimmers wear water wings in the pool they’re naturally more confident and, when individuals partner with New Century Bank they’ll discover the same level of assurance. Similarly the karate student’s broken board and the skateboarder’s ramp connote the Bank’s ability to build consumer trust with better performance.


Chester County’s custom home builder, Pete Tummillo & Sons required an Internet presence that more effectively communicated the specialness of their offering while showcasing all of their unique capabilities… something their former site lacked. VFC accomplished these objectives by utilizing organized, categorical case studies and a more accessible brand standard defined by a revised identity that completely compliments the builder’s mantra of “a small company building beautiful dreams.”

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Every once in a while VFC will be approached by a client in an unexpected category- types of businesses that normally don’t invest in professional branding and marketing. In this case, Fashionistas Salon saw the value of creating and supporting an image that complimented their offering. Competition is fierce for the consumer dollar in every category and the companies that are most buttoned up communicate confidence, value and trust. For a salon site this Internet presence is most properly buttoned.

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BRANDING: naming, tagline, logo

VFC has become well-known for crafting boutique identities that bespeak of quality and value. After a market and competitive research study, VFC named Twisted Leaf Cigars, developed a funky, stylish logo and representative tagline. And you can be certain that the acronym, TLC will be exploited in headlines of the future!

As the umbrella organization for a growing group of Philadelphia charter schools for which VFC is agency of record, the newly formed First Philadelphia Paradigm had to be educational, inclusive and representative of the region. VFC named the organization, developed the tagline and created an identity that accomplished those goals.


A last minute request to offer an original illustration for an event t-shirt was met with the usual fervor and enthusiasm afforded most challenges that come through the studio door. Inside of a week, VFC conceptualized and worked with the client to create an original but affordable design featuring a parody of the famous “Spirit of ’76” painting for the 2009 Liberty Lacrosse Tournament held in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

The Phoenixville Area Business Association is an organization comprised of Phoenixville business owners collaborating together to improve the local economy with events and marketing programs and the Local List is PABA’s interactive savings book for consumers. Named, conceptualized and produced by VFC, the Local List is a book containing dozens of offers. Consumers get the book stamped when they use an offer and a book full of stamps can be redeemed for cash!.