The Crop: Fall 2010

Let us remember the autumn that was…

Sly Fox Oktoberfest & Variety Pack

The sixth brand in a package well known for coming in six packs, Sly Fox Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest Lager utilizes autumnal hues and a compellingly symmetric organic design treatment to pay homage to a beloved style of beer from East Berlin, Germany to East Pikeland, Pennsylvania!

Keystone Green Vehicle Graphics

VFC continues to stretch the limits of brand
continuity as we bring a lively and professional
treatment to everything in a client’s marketing
arsenal. Recently we’ve delivered diverse
branding from this Keystone Green box
truck to embroidered, high-tech Marmot
rain gear for Budget Maintenance and
Sly Fox Beer. Need better brand
management? Call VFC!

Schuylkill Scrub

As a special request by Green Valleys Association, VFC developed the logo for the ongoing effort to clean (and keep clean) the Schuylkill River Watershed. Thanks to John Hoekstra, participating organizations are finally working together in a concerted, streamlined and ultimately, more effective effort.
VFC developed the brand for this initiative.

Delaware Valley Rare Coin Company Website

When the average price of your product is $900 and you offer some items for as much as $5,000, you need a marketing and web development partner that gets the back-end right and makes the front-end so beautiful, useful and consumer-friendly, that it stands alone in its class.

VFC developed an ecommerce solution that’s totally money!

Carnevale Eustis Architects Website

We can do beautiful and we can do utilitarian but, when it comes to delivering a website that behaves as a sales and management tool, we always prefer to develop and exploit a competitive advantage. This architect’s site allows them to continually update galleries with project progress and to create custom case studies with proposals to present to new business contacts… and it’s all archived!