The Crop: Early Summer 2011


Phoenixville, Pennsylvania is a community rich with iconic history and the Public Library has been a witness to, a participant in and the catalyst of much of it.

Tying the symbol of the steel town’s history together with modern imagery creates a dynamic identity that illustrates a progressive and compelling organization. The layers of blending color can represent book pages, sequences of time and levels of community.


The concept of the book is changing in the digital age, but what remains constant is the affinity that education has with the printed page. In the American Paradigm Charter Schools identity system, pages are schools or students while the collective book has all of the power of the organizational unit.

As a parent organization, APS has multiple charter schools beneath it-each with its own identity in the familial standard.


The annual Sly Fox Bock Fest and Goat Races is an event that grows exponentially every year with thousands of people enjoying the Chester County Brewery’s incredible beers in a unique, delicious German cuisine and one of the most unique contests held anywhere. Every annual Bock Fest is branded with its own original identity developed and promoted by Virtual Farm Creative but this year VFC partnered even more strongly with our client to enhance the event.

“There was an environmental component missing from the festival,” remarked VFC Creative Director, Todd Palmer who frequently attends large scale music festivals in San Francisco and Telluride, Colorado. “Because the event has organically grown so fast some details were overlooked but each year Sly Fox makes improvements to what has become the premier beer event in the Philadelphia suburbs.”

In an effort to bring environmental responsibility to the Bock Fest, VFC developed a simple solution to educate attendees. We used color-coded balloons as wayfinding signage and easily identifiable receptacles as a solution to separate waste from recyclables. Instead of selling disposable water bottles, VFC constructed and manned an “oasis” where water was free. We quickly sold out of reusable, branded Sly Fox water bottles.

Fest goers also had the opportunity to take home unique Bock Fest souvenirs including a commemorative mug, t-shirt and stuffed goat but we hope that they will have also taken with them an appreciation of a more sustainable event, partly made possible contributions made by VFC.


A client that is truly in community with nature, Theurkauf Design & Planning advocates functional, sustainable, and harmonious development practices that guide growth in response to the singular character of each local community and how it fits within the broader regional and natural context. Theurkauf’s website reflects the open space and harmonious growth philosophy that the company promotes.

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