The Crop: Early Summer 2009


This isn’t your ordinary foot doctor’s web site but Michael Drohosky is you’re ordinary podiatrist. A compelling interface with bright, fun colors provides users with all of the information that they require while customized travel directions and an appointment request form make the site a useful tool.

Check out the site…

A pleasing interface integrating blog and newsletter capabilities with other dynamic and content management features makes the Camphill Village site easy for users to navigate and easy for managers to maintain. It’s a compelling informational resource and an effective communications vehicle.

Check out the site…

YOU MIGHT THINK that a recession is no time to retool your corporate collateral or build that functional new web site your company so badly needs but you’d be wrong! You need to do it now and you can afford to do it now and we’re going to show you why and how…

1. BE AGGRESSIVE: You may be focused more on sustainability than growth right now but your marketing goals should remain as focused and aggressive as they always were. You don’t stop paddling when the water gets deeper, you paddle faster.

2. BE CONFIDENT: Clients and consumers deal with companies and vendors that they trust. A professional marketing thrust right when your competitors are crying about a falling sky might be the boost your business needs.

3. BE SMART: You can afford to do more and do it now with VFC. For more than ten years VFC has delivered professional and competitive marketing plans that achieve results. We’re full service– check out all of our capabilities– and we’re an incredible value (read affordable).

HOW AFFORDABLE?: We’re an award-winning creative agency as good or better than most Philly and NYC shops. We’re a strategic thinking partner for your business that offers interest-free, annual financing to our clients.

And what if that came with a partner whose main concern was the site’s performance and achieving results for your company?

And what if that came with out of the box positioning for your offering to give you a competitive edge? And it included creative content development? And brand management? And much, much more? What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started today and by the time that this recession begins to dissipate your company will be shifting into marketing overdrive. Give VFC a call toll-free at
877 GROW ART, today!


For years Chester County’s custom home builder,
Pete Tummillo & Sons have billed themselves as a “small company building beautiful dreams” and now their identity reflects that sentiment by featuring dreamlike clouds around an illustrative glyph displaying a strong. memorable color palette and type treatment.

Another identity renovation– Fashionistas Salon is a successful, high–end salon in spite of ad hoc branding and scatter shot marketing. Now, VFC has developed a competitive identity representative of the offering that will set the professional standard for the creative cuttery’s marketing efforts including signage, collateral and web.

Competition is fierce in the commercial building services industry and the start-up company, Moore Jones, LLC required an identity that was instantly competitive, providing legitimacy and inspiring confidence. A monolithic glyph teamed with trendy type treatments and color is memorable and effective in this competitive category.


Annual Reporting with NEW CENTURY BANK

The economy is dictating that annual reports become more modest but that doesn’t mean that VFC will stop pushing the strategy and design envelopes. This year’s New Century Bank annual report features an original illustration that communicates strength and hope in an uncertain time and sets the standard for a creative book while effectively communicating the current reality to shareholders and customers.


VFC’s annual commitment as the communications partner to Green Valleys’ Envirofest resumed this year with collateral, web and promotional support. Envirofest brings environmental experts and homeowners together for a fun and informative day on the beautiful Welkinweir estate in northern Chester County. The event also includes a 5k fundraising race in which Virtual Farm Creative also participates!


Phoenixville, Pennsylvania is famous for two things: steel production and the Blob. The Steve McQueen flick was filmed in the Borough and Phoenixville’s preeminent entertainment experts, Iron Town Productions, annually celebrate the movie’s anniversary with a Blob Ball. After an ‘interactive’ screening at the historic Colonial Theater, the retro ball awards dancers dressed as 50s celebs and monsters..