The Crop: Mid-Summer 2011

The unconventional design of Sly Fox Brewing Company’s full truck wrap for distribution vehicles will get noticed on the road and as they make their rounds at regional distribution points. Monolithic cans and corporate branding flank the side panels while the doors on side and back appear to be open showing the full variety of Sly Fox product. VFC continues to push the boundaries of possibility when it comes to creating brand personality on the road and off.


As a component of the full brand management of American Paradigm Schools, VFC strategized and illustrated custom mascots for each school under the APS umbrella. In this instance a Lion and an Eagle will represent the schools’ athletic and academic teams for older students while illustrations of a juvenile lion club and eaglet represent students in the lower schools.

VFC Creative Director, Todd Palmer will present a live multimedia presentation as part of TEDxPhoenixville on July 19 at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The original presentation, entitled Simplifying the Creative Process, will feature a slide show and several videos.

A dynamic Internet presence made powerful with a fully searchable alumni database, a comprehensive online donations page, making it easy for supporters to contribute to the Foundation’s specific causes and program specific promotional content areas make this non-profit’s site an important tool in their mission to improve the public school educational experience. The site is supported with a lively email campaign developed and managed by VFC.