The Crop: SEO Edition

Internet marketing is the science of creatively driving potential
customers to your web presence

Well known for the creative development of nationally competitive site strategy and design, VFC has also become extremely proficient with the post-launch effort that creates clicks and conversions!

Beyond search engine optimization, VFC integrates logic and labor into an Internet Marketing Plan that will enhance search engine results, increase site traffic and help clients reach their goals whether that means more visits or more sales!

Here’s a sampling of sites with VFC Internet marketing plans:
Category: Retail

This regional craft brewery located just outside of Philadelphia has become more and
more respected as the Brewmaster creates new styles of quality ales and lagers.
“Craft brewing,” “micro brewing” and “beer” are competitive categories but a combination
of SEO, site content and multiple urls have produced positive results for the Sly Fox Brewing Company.

World Wide Ranking Example:
Beer, Pennsylvania     #9: Google
Craft Brewed Beer      #8: Google
Category: Retail

This ecommerce site targets a very distinct niche market comprised of active and Veteran service people interested in purchasing commemorative, customized and personalized jewelry. Multiple product pages improve search results and an organic SEO campaign works with an aggressive display advertising campaign to continually improve site visitation and conversions to sales.

World Wide Ranking Example:
Veterans Watch          #1: Yahoo
Military Rings             #4: Google
Category: Retail

Retail distributor with a three-pronged sales approach to lacrosse equipment sales including an ecommerce website, an annual print catalog and a brick and mortar store. The fast-growing sport of lacrosse lives in a very competitive keyword universe on the Internet. Google Analytics and email blast campaigns help us reach customers with offers that bring them to the site.

World Wide Ranking Example:
Lacrosse International         #1: msn
Lacrosse Gear                        #5: Google
Category: Retail

A small, high-end retail bike shop representing several of the better brands is expanding sales on the Internet with a robust, stylized, well-balanced Internet presence. “Mountain bikes” is a coveted search term with hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of retail distributors wanting to show up in its results. Many end users found the site for a small company in Reading, PA using that term.

World Wide Ranking Example:
Mountain Bikes, PA               #3: Yahoo
Bike Shop, Pennsylvania      #9: Google
Category: B2B Services

A family-owned and operated payroll processing company that has been successfully processing payroll for corporate clients for more than twenty years. What are users going to type into a search engine to find a payroll processing company in Pennsylvania? Most likely “payroll processing Pennsylvania,” and Express Data is number one.

World Wide Ranking Example:
Payroll Processing, Pennsylvania        #1: Google
Employee Benefits, Pottstown, PA      #6: Yahoo
Category: B2B Products

An Internet-only business with a deep and complex ecommerce engine, has and International audience for their custom display products targeting optical distributors. Referring sites are one of the keys to this site’s search engine success but so many product pages and images all contribute to indexing results with the most popular search engines.

World Wide Ranking Example:
Optical Frame Displays          #2: Msn
Eyewear Display Systems      #5: Google

* Results and Statistics as of 011209

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