Variety Gas

Vintage “automobilia” featuring everything from restored hot rods and gas pumps to collectibles and signs with classically-inspired marketing components and retro design.

Variety Gas Branding

Retro styling underscores the Variety Gas offering of automobile collectibles or ‘automobilia.’ Strong type treatments from yesteryear and monolithic glyphs provide the brand with substance.

Variety Gas Signage

Corporate identity translated to an environmental theme that included interior and exterior design and classic sign styling in the spirit of the brand personality.

Variety Gas Collateral & Apparel

The stationery system for Variety Gas mimics old-style service station bill of sales receipts. The entire campaign recalls a time when attendants greeted motorists with a smile and a complimentary window cleaning.

Bold and bright apparel from VFC in the form of affordable t-shirt premiums and retro button-ups, buttoned-up the Variety Gas brand. Environmental photography from VFC on location also supported the client mission.

Variety Gas Website

A robust e-commerce website, with a customized back-end manager, is enhanced with multiple features strategically designed to increase sales and create better brand retention..