Twisted Leaf Cigars

With the marketing objective of targeting a specific group of cigar smokers who also care about high quality and fine living, Twisted Leaf was a retail brand that sold accessories for the good life!

Twisted Leaf Cigars Branding

This VFC named and branded start-up, Twisted Leaf Cigars, took advantage of the clever moniker by allowing VFC to promote a new logo, tagline and initials (TLC) with a compelling corporate identity.

Twisted Leaf Cigars Photography & Signage

Showcasing the compelling retail name and logo in a unique format has created memorable signage for a brick and mortar store, whose iterior and exterior colors feature the brand’s accent hue.

VFC’s in-house photography studio allows us to quickly and effectively capture the perfect shot to showcase client products—like these Twisted Leaf cigars—on websites and in marketing collateral.

Twisted Leaf Cigars Website

The Twisted Leaf retail Internet presence features arresting design showcasing beautifully photographed models and products, while a custom management system allows the shop to blog and change content..