Storage Squared

Revolutionary home organizational system featuring patented, proprietary technology that integrates with new or existing garage, closet or office cabinetry for small and large item organization. Storage Squared’s system is completely flexible, custom and unique.

Storage Squared Photography

VFC enterprised this photo shoot by renting a warehouse and finishing the floor with four different finishes, then constructing a series of faux garages and outfitting with product and props.

Storage Squared Consumer Collateral

Organizing and structuring the client offering with impressive photography, clear copywriting and a compelling format, allows instant credibility as a new market entrant for Storage Squared organizational systems.

Storage Squared Dealer Collateral

A completely custom sales presentation tool includes a metal outside binder that mimics the product; integrated, organized, laminated product sheets and a layout worksheet for on-site design with the consumer.

Storage Squared Product Branding

The refined Storage Squared corporate identity is standardized and successfully applied to the client’s marketing elements, from on-product badges to display advertisements and website.

Storage Squared Website

This ambitious e-commerce website features an organized, easy-to-understand custom cart for consumer order fulfillment, as well as a reseller component that allows for precise discounting and inventorying.