Raymond C. Rumpf & Son

One of the oldest manufacturers and distributors of fly tying materials and fly fishing gear in the country, Rumpf sources materials and distributes a full line of equipment, gear and supplies for fly fishermen.

Rumpf Branding & Catalog

This naming exercise was implemented when a decades old company was purchased by our client. VFC recommended retaining part of the original company’s name and exploiting its benefits with a descriptive tagline.

A complete product line catalog showcases all of Rumpf’s fly fishing and fly tying material inventory while positioning the small distributor with personality against some major competitors.

Rumpf PackagingRumpf Packaging

Economical packaging solutions don’t have to be boring or make the product look cheap. By developing pre-printed packaging templates, VFC brought the client the ability to custom print retail packaging on-demand, allowing them to save on production costs and manage inventory issues.

Rumpf Advertising

A series of fractional and full page display advertising campaigns developed to position Rumpf as a personable expert amongst corporate competitors with memorable insertions that included value-added editorial..