Pete Tummillo & Sons, Inc.

One-of-a-kind, custom home builder in Chester County, Pennsylvania produces unique environments for residential and commercial customers by collaborating with clients’ dreams.

Pete Tummillo & Sons Branding

A redesign of an existing brand, the inspiration for this custom home builder’s ethereal corporate identity came from the compelling tagline, “A small company building beautiful dreams.”

Pete Tummillo & Sons Fleet and Signage

A corporate image redesign can re-energize a brand when it is cleanly and creatively applied to the everyday elements that double as work and branding vehicles—driving identity, recognition and position.

As brand managers, VFC recommends the best use of corporate identity and image across all applications. In this instance, we devised economical production of multiple site signs in reflective vinyl.

Pete Tummillo & Sons Website

A showcase website allowing beautiful photography to speak for itself, while descriptive copywriting underscores the brand’s position. An effective Internet presence is a balance of information and usability..