Specialty manufacturer of retail eyewear display systems with marketable proprietary technology. Opticaldisplays.com is a startup, online business with a brick and mortar parent company and is strongly positioned with patented products unlike anything else on the market.

OpticalDisplays.com Branding

The start-up, online division of a successful retail interior designer specializing in optometry, needed a name, corporate identity and branding for product lines and products. See the glasses in the logo?

OpticalDisplays.com Photography and Collateral

A product brochure / catalog features innovative product photography showcasing patented display systems and components. All shot in VFC’s on-site photography studio using custom built sets and a cyc wall.

OpticalDisplays.com WebsiteOpticalDisplays.com Display Designer

The opticaldisplays.com Internet presence is an ambitious e-commerce engine supported by some cutting-edge sales features, including an interactive space layout application that lets users design their own interiors and purchase the configured elements..