New Century Bank

With five branches in the Northwestern suburbs of Philadelphia, New Century Bank has revitalized the old idea of community banking – great service and giving back – while offering customers competitive products, programs and technologies.

New Century Bank Annual Report

The small but growing bank’s annual report set the standard for an entire re-branding campaign, in which, VFC organized marketing efforts and created a compelling personality for the regional institution that made it more accessible and friendly.

New Century Bank Advertising

Staying competitive in the universe of regional retail banking requires an almost continual presence in front of potential customers and this display ad image campaign underscored the confidence that a community bank like New Century could deliver.

New Century Bank’s display ad, rate and product campaign was a series of real people set off by the exploitation of the corporate identity’s glyph. Bright and vibrant, these advertisements positioned the bank as a friendly alternative.

New Century Bank Signage

VFC developed the corporate standard for New Century Bank based upon an existing logotype, but we were able to modify it enough to be professional and competitive in everything from subtle automatic teller machines to corporate signage.

New Century Bank Fleet

The New Century Bank fleet was also a subtle exercise in subliminal branding. Again, VFC exploited the logo’s glyph and covered their delivery vehicles with it in a tone-on-tone treatment. People see these cars making their rounds and think “New Century” without knowing why.

New Century Bank Broadcast Commercials

VFC wrote and produced a series of television commercials for New Century Bank in which the lending manager for each branch is highlighted as a community member, banking expert and an integral part of what makes this community bank special.

“Good People. Better Bankers. (Ed Gallagher)” :30
This is Ed.
Ed Gallagher is an experienced loan officer at Phoenixville’s New Century Bank.
Your community bank.
Ed Gallagher lives and works where you live and work.
New Century Bank has an Ed Gallagher at each of our branches.
There for the community.
Here for you.
New Century Bank
Good People. Better Bankers.™

New Century Bank Outdoor Advertising

A series of outdoor ads in the form of billboards and an over sized poster campaign were strategically positioned around each of the bank’s branches to position the brand with the community bank message and solidify them within a community of competitors.

New Century Bank Website

A reorganized Internet presence, featuring revised standards and the bank’s new, friendly, confidence-inspiring personality. Previously rolled-out with other advertising, the site is easy to maintain and user-friendly..