Majolica Restaurant

Highly-acclaimed, award-winning destination restaurant specializing in the gourmet preparation of fresh, local ingredients prepared adventurously by one of the most celebrated chefs in the region.

Majolica Branding

Almost like sauce on a plate, the high-end restaurant Majolica, owns a brand that is both simple and elegant. The lowercase, rough-hewn treatment translates to accessibility while the customized flourishes make it special.

Majolica Signage

The Majolica sign implies a simple bistro accessibility that also acts as a memorable landmark and wayfinding sign on a busy street. The simplification of the brand was an intentional approach to a down economy.

Majolica Email Blasts

Majolica’s email program keeps interested fans up-to-date with menu changes and specials delivered in a clear, interesting voice right to the customer, and is integrated with ambitious social media campaigns.

Majolica Website

A bright and accessible Internet presence with rotating content, including beautiful cuisine photography, presents Majolica as a fresh and organized offering and features a custom reservation app, ticket store and content management..