Lucky Lab Tavern

The launch of a new brand in the middle of a competitive group of chain offerings required some out-of-the-box thinking to get noticed and remain competitive. Unique messaging positions Lucky Lab as a comfortable alternative.

Lucky Lab Tavern Branding

The friendly dog, the custom type treatment and rich, compelling colors combine in a custom shape to communicate an iconic image for this interesting restaurant’s unique identity.

Lucky Lab Tavern Signage & Apparel

The strong palette in the Lucky Lab Tavern identity translates to powerful presentations in indoor and outdoor advertising signs, shirts and more!

Lucky Lab Tavern Collateral

A series of spot color posters and low-level signage featuring simple, original line art illustrations and clever, memorable sayings help to communicate the offering while setting a brand standard.

Lucky Lab Tavern Website

A punchy little site that delivers just the right amount of content to the consumer is easily managed to edit menus, calendars and a retail store. Big on features, this effective site underscores the Lucky Lab Tavern’s playful design standards..