LGBT Equality Alliance

LGBT Equality Alliance
The LGBT Equality Alliance is a grass roots initiative originally developed to be a resource for LGBT issues in Chester County, Pennsylvania. LGBTEA has since evolved to become the preeminent organization advocating for equal rights for all.

LGBT Equality Alliance, Chester County, PennsylvaniaBRANDING
So many LGBT identities employ rainbow themes, it was VFC’s intent to get noticed in that sea of color with shades of a hue that can be considered masculine or feminine with hard edges that represent individual identities and overlapping that connotes community.

LGBT Equality Alliance Event Collateral and BrochuresCOLLATERAL
Understanding the group’s unique vision, VFC organized the content for LGBT Equality Alliance to quickly and effectively explain the mission of the organization to potential supporters and people in need. We developed brochures, social posts, slide shows, advertisements and more supporting this Chester County, Pennsylvania organization.

Out of the box, LGBTEA organized several dynamic events to support their mission and evangelize to supporters. VFC helped to define the program and identity of each of the events with original branding and promotion that supported the organizational brand and communicated uncommon objectives in everything from parades and picnics to festivals and formal galas. Beyond branding the events, support was developed with unique collateral, online promotion and premiums like t-shirts and giveaways.