Harry Kalas Memorial Statue

This unprecedented effort to honor a broadcasting legend with a larger-than-life statue inside Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park was designed, organized, publicized and promoted by Virtual Farm Creative.

Harry Kalas Statue Branding

Harry Kalas was a beloved broadcaster for the Philadelphia Phillies and news that a sculpture was in the works spread quickly among fans. VFC wanted to elude to the sculptor’s vision in the branding for the fundraising effort.

Harry Kalas PR Effort

An organized campaign to alert the public about the unprecedented project to fund, produce and install a permanent memorial to Harry Kalas at Citizens Bank Park resulted in raising sufficient funds and acceptance by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Harry Kalas Collateral and Apparel

When the goal is raising money for a project on a deadline, every dollar counts. As partners in the effort to raise money for the Harry Kalas memorial statue, VFC reacted quickly and economically to support the effort.

Harry Kalas Website

Developed quickly to capture the momentum of the fan base, this evolving Internet presence told the story, tracked donations and integrated with a VFC managed social media campaign that includes nearly 40,000 followers..