Green Valleys Association

Non-profit organization responsible for protecting the environment and watersheds of northern Chester County, Pennsylvania while educating the people in that region about the importance of water stewardship.

Green Valleys Brand Standards

Similar to the standards that VFC develops for all of our corporate clients, this set for GVA included hard copies and a dvd full of assets so that committees could economically develop materials without sacrificing branding.

Green Valleys Annual Report

Annual Reports for the environmental advocacy organization featured a unique, natural format, organic textures, compelling photography and creative and effective information presentation in the brand standard.

Green Valleys Event Support

VFC illustrated custom characters to build and promote Green Valleys Association’s summer camp program. The original art was transposed to apparel and collateral and was well beyond what any competitor was doing.

Green Valleys Website

Featuring the sounds of nature, including a babbling brook and tweeting birds, GVA’s well-organized website integrated a client controlled calendar, news portal, advocacy alert and custom illustrated watershed map..