General Lafayette Brewing

A historic inn, restaurant and tavern named for an iconic hero of the American Revolutionary War brewed small batch beer to accompany acclaimed food that became increasingly popular to the point where retail release made sense. VFC developed a corporate identity and packaging system that was representative and economical.

General Lafayette Beer Branding and Packaging Design

Single color treatment of a simple glyph underscores the era that the brand represents, while elegant typography and supporting flourishes communicate that the products are special. Charging from shocks of wheat, the general is poised for victory.

General Lafayette Beer Bottle Packaging DesignBeer Label Packaging Design

Developing a packaging design system that creates a standard for the first releases and subsequent products allows for instant retail consistency with a plan for market growth. Single color labels on 12 oz. bottles are sophisticated and communicate a historic flavor.

General Lafayette Brewery 12oz. Bottle Cases

Smaller producers require solutions that are affordable but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be consistent, excellent, creative and bold. For these case cartons, single color case options with an antique flair are accentuated by custom color stamps identifying the contents.