A manufacturer of a line of stock and custom stainless steel kegs for the brewing industry, Geemacher focuses on quality and reliability in a demanding market of production and craft brewers.

Geemacher Branding

A new entrant into an industrial category, Geemacher’s simple brand instantly establishes one of the lone U.S. beer keg makers as a competitive manufacturer with global resources.

Geemacher Collateral

In a further attempt to make this new brand look larger than they are, the simple line card is corporate and understated, subtly communicating the features and benefits of the Geemacher product and relationship.

Custom Trade Show Pop-up Banners

Geemacher’s custom trade show pop-up banners stand-out from the crowd, boldly showcase the offering and immediately communicate the “Geemacher Difference.”

Geemacher Website

A big, bold Internet presence with colorful callouts for features and benefits, make the Geemacher site an effective information dissemination vehicle with content management areas for programs and pricing..