Fashionistas Salon

This locally-owned and operated, upscale beauty salon trending toward a sophisticated clientele promotes an array of competitive services to a diverse demographic in Collegeville, PA.

Fashoinistas Salon Branding

The rebranding of an existing logotype afforded VFC the opportunity to bring attitude and personality to the Fashionistas Salon image while better communicating their offering right in the brand.

Fashoinistas Advertising & Apparel

Display ad imagery, converted here to a bus stop poster, effectively positions Fashionistas as a high-end salon while clearly communicating the business’ capabilities and partnerships that denote value to customers.

Work apparel, uniforms, custom capes and customer gifts are all decorated with the simple glyph from the Fashionistas’ logo that emulates hair and high-style in gold sophistication, while coming to be known as the salon’s brand.

Fashionistas Salon Website

The well-organized Internet presence disseminating information for Fashionistas Salon showcases beautiful photographic samples while being beautifully supported by the corporate gold and black and featuring a variety of entry points..