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Every marketing plan, creative brief, advertisement, web site, email blast, brochure—in fact all of the client creative cultivated as VFC work product—is influenced by years of seasoned and effective copy writing know-how. Deep experience in technical writing, journalism, advertising headlines, punchy body copy, page stoppers, editing for brevity, ghost writing and public relations on-the-fly has prepared your VFC team for any writing challenge.

Whether we are strategizing content development and creating something from nothing, as is most often the case, or working with a client-provided framework—VFC’s marketing writers are versatile, flexible, creative and fast... the complete package!

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Press Release Authoring and Copy Writing

Manatawny Still WorksPottstown, PA
Project: PR Effort
Copy Writing / PR Submission
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Montgomery County Start-up Gets Into the Celebratory Spirit

Pottstown, Pennsylvania– With a soft opening last month, Manatawny Still Works is generating significant buzz around the region. A combination of a cool offering, a unique space, excellent products and fun events is fueling word of mouth about the distillery located on Circle of Progress in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

The distillery hit the ground running with a strong brand package that saluted the history and nature of the region. Beautifully packaged product is accentuated by a craftsman philosophy that extends from their distilling processes to all other areas of the business.

The distillery’s tasting room, the Still Works at Manatawny isn’t in an old historical building, but owners have gone to extreme efforts to preserve historic, antique items and materials throughout the space. From the slate chalkboard rescued from a demolished school building in Philadelphia to the salvaged barn wood used under the bar, their goal was to create a memorable new space that honors the past. The distillery is even naming many of their spirits after regional historical figures.

Early visitors to the Still Works are equating the brand’s antique stylings and artisanal production techniques with old-world craftsmanship and word is spreading about this unique destination spot. In reality, distilling in Pennsylvania does have a rich and colorful history and Manatawny Still Works means to revive it in all of the best ways.

Manatawny Still WorksSince the soft opening, Manatawny Still Works has introduced distillery tours, event rentals, specialty drinks, partnerships with the region’s best food trucks, and more as the distillery and tasting room emerge as a popular area destination.

On Friday, May 30 the distillery will officially open with a celebration and the public is invited.

A ribbon cutting ceremony at 3:00pm featuring local dignitaries will be followed by live music. Two of the regions most popular food trucks will be on hand to pair offerings with some of the Still Works’ creative cocktails.

The Grand Opening Celebration will appropriately feature the popular bluegrass band Manatawny Creek Ramblers from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and American locals, Tin Bird Choir, will follow from 8:00pm – 10:30pm.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone to check us out,” says Randy McKinley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the distillery which currently markets two spirits, Three Bitches Wheat Vodka and J. Potts White Whiskey. “We’ll be looking our best and ready to show off our space and our products to visitors.”

Across the street from Sly Fox Brewing Company, Manatawny Still Works’ master distiller is Max Pfeffer, former lead brewer at Sly Fox. “I am excited for people to stop in, get a tour of our facilities and taste the craft distilling difference,” says Pfeffer. “We’ve worked hard to get to this point and everyone is ready for a celebration!”


Consumer Advertisement Copy Writing

Montgomery SchoolChester Springs, PA
Project: Consumer Publication Ad Series
Content Development / Copy Writing
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These are the hands of a MONTGOMERY SCHOOL STUDENT.

Today they are drawing and expressing their creativity. Tomorrow they will learn, paint, write, throw, play, teach and open doors.

Today they are using a microscope and learning about cell division. Tomorrow they will paint, draw, write, throw, play, teach and open doors.

Today they are pitching a fastball and complementing their opponents on a great game. Tomorrow they will paint, draw, write, throw, play, teach and open doors.

Today they are practicing piano and learning about Mozart. Tomorrow they will paint, draw, write, throw, play, teach and open doors.

Event Promotion Copy Writing

TEDxPhoenixville, PA
Project: Event Informational Brochure
Content Development / Copy Writing
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It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds:Technology, Entertainment and Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences—the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh UK each summer—TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and TED Conversations, the inspiring TED Fellows, TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize.

The TEDx program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

At TEDx events, a screening of TEDTalks videos– or a combination of live presenters and TEDTalks videos– sparks deep conversation and connections. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.

TEDxPhoenixville celebrates the creative, innovative and inspiring happening right here and all around the world. Our objective is to present thought-provoking ideas via an annual day-long event featuring compelling, groundbreaking and even revolutionary speakers and performers.
TEDxPhoenixville precedes the live event with monthly salons that educate people about our platform, promote discussion and point us all toward a more engaged and purposeful future.

Corporate Collateral and Capabilities Brochure Copy Writing

Budget MaintenancePottstown, PA
Project: Emergency Services Capabilities Brochure
Content Development / Copy Writing / Program Development
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The Complete Commercial Response, Repair & Recovery Experts.

When Disaster Strikes BMES is the Difference Maker
Any crisis to a commercial property is unfortunate and unpredictable. Fortunately, BMES is prepared to respond.

Powerfully Efficient, Cost Effective Solutions
BMES, Inc. has been on the front lines of restoring damaged commercial properties for more than twenty-five years, minimizing business interruptions and maximizing value. BMES is continually improving with the most advanced training techniques, complimented by the most state-of-the-art equipment available today.

New Century Bank Annual Report Copy Writing

New Century BankPhoenixville, PA
Project: Shareholder Annual Report
Feature Writing / Research / Content Development / Copy editing
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Focus on Community
Rising from the Ashes

Every year, in the darkest days of December, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania – home to New Century Bank – lights up during celebration of the unique Firebird Festival. The focus of this festival is the ceremonial burning of the Phoenix, a mythical sunbird that lived for at least 500 years – in this case a beautiful wood sculpture rebuilt each year to symbolize resurrection and renewal. As legend has it, at the end its very long life, the Phoenix builds its own pyre and is consumed by sacred flames as a new Phoenix is born from the ashes. What prophetic symbolism for a small town on the road to rebirth!

In 1783, before Phoenixville was, an iron works stood on the banks of the Schuylkill River. Looking at his furnaces from a nearby hillside one evening, so they say, the owner saw a phoenix in the flames, inspiring him to name his company the Phoenix Works. Following its incorporation in 1849, the community surrounding the factory became known as Phoenixville.

For a time the company and its community flourished. The first shot fired in the Battle of Gettysburg – and many thereafter – was from one of the 1,400 Griffen cannons made at the Phoenix Iron Works. The war years brought many contracts for the highly successful gun but the success of the cannon was soon to be supplemented by another local invention at the mill. The fabrication, sale and utilization of the famous Phoenix Column, invented by Samuel Reeves, for whom a town park is named, “put Phoenixville on the map.”

In 1909, the Iron Works fabricated the Manhattan Bridge in New York City; and, a decade after World War II, some forty-six of the New York State Thruway bridges. Other industries also sprang up, among them a boiler works, a silk mill, a match factory, and underwear and hosiery factories. Meanwhile, the Colonial Theatre, opened in 1903, became home to live stage shows, vaudeville acts and musicals, including performances by world famous artists like Harry Houdini and Mary Pickford.

As with many Pennsylvania steel towns, however, the prosperity was not to last. Crippled by foreign competition, the steel works closed in the early 1980s and, losing its major employer, the town went through a period of decline. As the once-proud city of America’s manufacturing belt became part of its emerging rust-belt, the steel property, with its dilapidated, rusting buildings, including the decaying Foundry building, dominated the heart of the town. The legendary Phoenix had been committed to the flames.

Fortunately, an instrumental number of individuals and organizations were actively committed to revitalizing the town, confident that, with the dawn of a new century, the Phoenix could be reborn from the ashes. True to our name – and our mission to foster wellbeing in the communities we serve – New Century Bank was among the visionaries focused on the town’s renaissance.

Fortunately, an instrumental number of individuals and organizations were actively committed to revitalizing the town, confident that, with the dawn of a new century, the Phoenix could be reborn from the ashes. True to our name – and our mission to foster wellbeing in the communities we serve – New Century Bank was among the visionaries focused on the town’s renaissance.

Since the dawn of the newest century, the results of various efforts to revitalize Phoenixville are sharpening in focus and becoming more clearly visible. The ongoing renovation of the Colonial Theatre, the renewal of downtown streetscapes, the new businesses and restaurants along Bridge Street, increased residential housing, elevating real estate values and, most poignantly, in the refurbished Foundry Building are all shining examples of Phoenixville’s rebirth.

Like its mythical namesake, Phoenixville is truly rising from the ashes. And New Century Bank is there to encourage flight.

Product Promotional Copy Writing

Birchrun Hills FarmChester Springs, PA
Project: Product Promotional Recipe Cards
Content Development / Copy Writing
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Birchrun Hills Farm, a family agricultural tradition for more than one-hundred years, breeds, raises and milks from an award-winning Holstein herd who all contribute mightily to the natural goodness of our Birchrun Blue Cheese.

Our entire family stands behind the quality of our handcrafted, farmstead cheese because we’re all involved in the making! Milking the red and black herd, preparing select versions of the varietals, aging, packaging… we work hard to make certain, you’ll love our cheese! Enjoy!
Sue & Ken Miller, Owners

Consumer Direct Mail Copy Writing

Express Data SystemsPottstown, PA
Project: Payroll Services Direct Mail Campaign
Content Development / Copy Writing
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What do you expect?

Expect Accuracy!
DID YOU KNOW that, according to the IRS, 40 PERCENT of small BUSINESSES pay average payroll PENALTIES of $845 per year for late and INCORRECT filings?*

That’s why smart companies outsource their PAYROLL responsibilities, and the smartest businesses partner with EXPRESS DATA SYSTEMS.

Expect Performance!
DID YOU KNOW that internally processing your payroll involves labor, assets and technology costs that are much less expensive to outsource?

Additionally, in-house payroll managers may find it difficult to keep UP-TO-DATE with frequent regulatory CHANGES and payroll TAXES.

Expect Support!
DID YOU KNOW that Express Data is continually updating our custom payroll software to comply with the latest regulations and codes?

Dealer / Franchisee Material Copywriting

Storage SquaredCollegeville, PA
Project: Modular Storage System Franchisee Brochure
Naming / Content Development / Copy Writing
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Product-enhancing Features
With 35 patents, Storage Squared™ products offer a flexibility and simplicity that you and your customers will love.
Amazingly versatile. Storage Squared Smart-Plugs™, Macro-Storage™ and Micro-Storage™ Systems feature technical advances that are more efficient and intelligent than current market offerings.
• Easy Installation
• Commercial-Grade Materials
• Extreme Versatility
• Hi-Tech Design

Extreme innovation for your customer’s littlest details!
No more searching for the right tool or fastener– Micro-Storage™ accessories organize smaller automotive, gardening and cleaning supplies and tools.
Infinite Configurations • Durable • Stylish

Transform a customer’s cluttered areas by maximizing unused space.
Walls appointed with Storage Squared’s Macro-Storage ™ system put the biggest, bulkiest items where they belong – off the floor, in sight and within reach
Smart & Versatile • Commercial-Grade Materials • Strong & Secure

Cabinetry Smart Plugs™
Add life and functionality to any style of cabinet with Storage Squared’s patented Smart-Plugs™.
Transform a simple case from ordinary to extraordinary. Integrating Smart-Plugs™ allows the system to expand and truly become a unique offering to your customers.
Patented Smart-Plugs • Adjustable • Flexible

Broadcast Scripting, TV Advertisement Copy Writing

Sly Fox Brewing CompanyPottstown, PA
Project: “Welcome to Cantown” Broadcast Commercial
Voice-over Scripting / Content Development / Copy Writing
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“Welcome to Cantown”: 60

There’s a new Pottstown emerging.
All along Charlotte, High and Hanover.
From Sanatoga to Spring City,
from Ridge Pike to Ridge Road,
from Ringing Rocks to Sly Fox.
Pottstown has come full circle and it’s time to focus on progress. The Sly Fox Brewing Company believes that.
That’s why we’ve revitalized an old industrial space on Circle of Progress, a state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot brewery.
REAL BEER is being made here.
REAL PEOPLE are making progress here.
Welcome to Cantown.
Welcome to Pottstown.

Consumer Direct Mail Copy Writing

GeemacherPottstown, PA
Project: Direct Mail
Content Development / Copy Writing / Program Development
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Attractive Kegs for Your Brewery
• All Sizes in Stock
• Super Fast Shipping
• Low Minimums
• Repeat Customer Discounts
• Craft Brewer’s Rewards

Beautiful Kegs
10 Liter Pub Keg (2.6 U.S. GALLONS)
With a full 10 liters you can offer your customers more than a growler of fully pressurized beer in a little convenient keg form. Geemacher’s ten liter pub kegs are available only to certified Breweries in quantities of twelve or more.

(10.8 U.S. GALLONS)
Geemacher Firkin kegs are 9 imperial gallons, designed exclusively for cask conditioning and serving ales barside! Better aroma, better flavor and better mouth feel are the real results of cask conditioned ales served from a Geemacher firkin.

Press Release Authoring and Copy Writing

Lot SquadPhiladelphia, PA
Project: PR Effort
Copy Writing / PR Submission
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Mayor Michael Nutter applauds green transition from NFL to NHL season and outdoor game

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is prepared to show the rest of the country and the world how to plan and pull off a green event, as the nationally televised Winter Classic comes to the Philadelphia Sports Complex.

Before the first puck is dropped at the 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic this Monday, January 2, an effort to recycle much of the waste brought in by tailgating fans will be taking place in the parking lots.

Fans tailgating prior to the anticipated outdoor game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers at Citizen’s Bank Park will receive green recycling bags and simple instruction on how to recycle at the event. Team members from the combined effort between Lot Squad, LLC and the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) will circulate throughout parking lots A-H, J-N and P to distribute additional bags and pick up full bags of commingled recyclables including glass, aluminum, plastic and cardboard. Also partnering on the effort to make this special event as green as possible are Central Parking, Waste Management and the Alcoa Foundation.

The environmental effect of fan recycling at the 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic is almost immediate as an aluminum can goes from consumption, to being recycled into a new can, back into a consumer’s hand for consumption again in less than 60 days.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter commented from his Office of Sustainability about the combined effort, saying, “I commend Lot Squad (and PRC) for showing Philadelphia sports fans how to keep our city clean and green. Our objective is to divert 70% of Philadelphia’s solid waste from landfills by 2015.”

The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability has set an ambitious goal of making Philadelphia the number one green city in America.

With efforts at events on the first two dates of 2012, the city is off to a great start!