Catskill Farms

Sullivan County, New York construction and real estate offering focusing on selling the dream of authentic, vintage farm homes and lifestyles to an affluent market of second homeowners.

Catskill Farms Collateral

The rustic, country standard developed for custom home builder, Catskill Farms, is applied here to a listing sheet that showcased all of the builder’s available properties in an inviting way with more personality than competitors.

Catskill Farms Outdoor Advertising & Brochure

VFC developed a standard for this custom home builder whose mission is to build new, convenient homes based on old, proven layouts and beloved farmhouse designs. The brochure sets the standard and communicates the mission.

VFC wrote and designed a series of outdoor advertising components, mostly billboards, placed in unique locations. It’s a way for brands to communicate their message to potential customers when they’re not really expecting it.

Catskill Farms Website

The design standard applied to an inviting Internet presence that included organized case studies of Catskill Farm’s interesting homes, process stories and photography, and updatable listings pages that acted as a selling tool..