Birchrun Hills Farm

As consumers focus on locally made, sustainably produced, high quality food choices more and more, the competition to successfully get noticed and selected in the retail universe is getting stronger, but Birchrun Hills Farms launched with a powerful plan.

Consumer Product Branding and Packaging

When a Chester County farmer decided to diversify and develop a line of artisanal cheeses, VFC set about developing a craft brand that spoke to the craft nature of the product and the local and sustainable nature of the Pennsylvania family farm. The herd of milk cows was special enough to be portrayed as a glyph in the logotype that included hand-illustrated typography.

Studio Photography

As a consumer product, VFC recommended real world settings to portray the use of the product that would be new to the market. With compelling photography supported by compelling items with which the target audience likely had an affinity, VFC was able to start to develop a personality for the Birchrun Hills Farm brand. We love shooting in our on-site photography studio and love the challenge of food styling!

Product Packaging and Labels

Strategizing retail success with existing parameters determined by budget and style is a VFC specialty. We helped this start-up get rolling with an affordable labeling solution that really underscored the craft nature of these award-winning, critically acclaimed cheeses. The product line typography treatment allowed the client to economically introduce new styles and new labels!

Recipe Cards and Marketing Collateral

As a way of introducing the product, VFC developed introductory direct marketing vehicles in the form of picturesque recipe cards. The photography showcased the product while the card reinforced brand recognition and told a brand story while providing real value to the consumer. It’s VFC’s contention that recipients will always equate the unique recipes and high-end cards with Birchrun Hills Farm!