Berks Area Mountain Biking Association is a regional IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) chapter — the voice for the growing mountain biking community, established to preserve, protect and promote mountain bike access and opportunities in the Reading, Pennsylvania and surrounding Berks County region.

Berks Area Mountain Biking Association Branding

Among other things, Reading, Pennsylvania is known for a growing cycling, and specifically, mountain biking scene as well as an unusual landmark building high atop Mt. Penn—the Pagoda. Challenging, east coast MTB trails circumnavigate all around the Pagoda so, when it came time to develop an identity for the regional chapter of IMBA, VFC incorporated the unique architecture into a tread pattern that also communicates dynamic motion.

Berks Area Mountain Biking Association Brand Standards

Developing a strong and strategic style guide is an intelligent good start for any organization, but when a group is comprised of all volunteers, brand standards are an especially helpful tool to ensure consistency and maximum brand impact across all applications.

Berks Area Mountain Bike Association Cycling JerseysBerks Area Mountain Biking Association Custom Apparel

VFC always attempts to integrate brand personality into premiums and apparel and, in BAMBA’s case we delivered cool, consistent style concepts for items that the club offers to members.