Woman-owned, industry-leading safety product manufacturer and retail distributor with a forty-year history of sourcing, marketing and distributing safety products to all market segments.

Arbill Safety Products Branding

VFC developed name criteria and strategy for Arbill Safety Products and effectively named dozens of product lines and hundreds of products. This effort included the development of brand treatments for each, including rebranding the corporate identity.

Arbill Safety Products Catalog

This 250-page annual product catalog helped to create a positionable personality for Arbill. A custom illustrated cover is supported by well-organized product categories and unique VFC developed user editorial. Includes copywriting, design and location and studio photography.

Arbill Safety Products Newsletter

After collaborating on market research, Virtual Farm developed multiple communication vehicles for Arbill including the Arbill Alert, a customer newsletter on which VFC copy writers consulted on editorial and developed content.

Arbill Safety Products Fleet & Packaging

Arbill’s fleet included several industrial laundry trucks as well as larger delivery vehicles. While they are all similarly branded and instantly recognizable with the corporate yellow, memorable tag lines differentiate the different division’s vehicles.

Several different product lines required unique packaging that met several criteria including achieving a noticeable difference with one another and in the marketplace, making sure that offshore manufacturers could effectively print them without sacrificing quality.

Arbill Safety Products Photography & Website

VFC rented a site that included an old steel foundry, industrial equipment and a stream to add some flavor and personality to Arbill’s product offering while showcasing actual suggested uses. VFC supplied location, stylists and photographers.

The development of Arbill Safety Product’s e-commerce site is integrated into their internal inventory application, creating a seamless sales stream as well as an effective marketing tool with mechanisms for communicating with clients and promoting manufacturer’s products..