Building a better brand presence

NBC and PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE Sponsor Showcase Homes

What’s the absolute best way to sell a product?

Place it in the hands of the target audience.

It’s one thing to run a great display ad campaign, but if you can give potential customers the opportunity to feel, touch and use your product, your chances of making a sale trend up exponentially.

Remember the door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen whose first order of business was to dump a cup of dirt on a homemaker’s living room carpet? This tactic allowed an extremely qualified lead to not only visualize the features and benefits of the product, but to witness how it can effectively and immediately improve their lives right in their own homes– right before their very eyes!

Now, more people buy vacuum cleaners from and door-to-door selling is as dead as the felt fedora, but many creative companies are still selling in the home; extolling the features and benefits of their products and services right where potential consumers can best recognize their value.

In fact, two Virtual Farm Creative clients recently took home demonstration of their products and services to an extreme level by participating in designer home construction.Home Show

The VFC clients in question – Storage Squared and Hoishik – Home Technology Made Simple – recognized the value in partnering with NBC10 and Philadelphia Magazine as well as the two fine home builders who would – in several months time – design, construct and finish huge Main Line mansions that include the best of everything.

“When potential customers can see our complete system in use they immediately understand how revolutionary it is,” says Storage Squared C.O.O., Andrew Fader. “They understand how it can improve their lives.”Storage Squared, headquartered in Collegeville, Pennsylvania has developed a complete home storage solution featuring specific components for large and small item storage including a revolutionary cabinetry technology that increases a homeowner’s usable storage space by as much as thirty percent.

Storage Squared’s products have thirty-five patents and the company sells direct and through a network of expert installers.”Both homes offer different opportunities for demonstrating how unique and versatile the Storage Squared system is,” adds Fader whose company has outfitted the garages in Philadelphia Magazine’s Design Home and NBC10’s Concept Home.Marketing opportunities like these custom homes do not present themselves everyday. Brandon Hoishik, whose self-named company promotes the service, Home Technology Made Simple by designing and installing whole-home customization, control and automation systems, realized this when he committed to NBC10 nearly a year ago.”Hoishik competes against some big brands, but what we do is so much more complete, so much more custom, that you really have to see it to believe it,” explains Hoishik whose company operates out of Spring City, Pennsylvania. “Lots of companies can hang a big plasma for you and hook you up with a remote that does a few things, but when homeowners see how Hoishik integrates media, lighting, security and more into one, easy to use interface… it’s then, that they see real value.

“Both Storage Squared and Hoishik recognized the value in partnering with these ambitious projects even though it meant expanding the marketing budget and an increased commitment from their staffs. In the end, the fact that both homes will be selling tickets to homeowners who fit squarely into both company’s target demographic, was too good to pass up.