Killer Apps & Elegant Devices

YOU’RE GOING TO HEAR A LOT about the newest gadget from Apple, the iPad, between now and the time the next life altering invention comes along, but we just had to add our critical two cents. The iPad isn’t going to help the earthquake victims of Haiti or the jobless in America so it seems kind of trite to give it the praise that we’re about to, but it is the device that will change the game. It may be surpassed by other improved devices but the iPad is a unicorn in a room full of mules. Hear me out.

In the early nineties, the Internet in it’s infancy, experts were all trying to define- if not develop- the “killer app“. This was the application that would do everything for everybody, seamlessly and easily. Google has started to, finally, twenty years later, put all of the pieces together. In the same way, we believe, Apple has, albeit dramatically and with great fanfare, addressed the needs of many with one elegant appliance. In fact, it’s so elegant that calling it an appliance almost seems profane.

hero_20100127Through years of product improvement, Apple has perfected the user interface to the point where you don’t have to adapt to use products. The products adapt to you. It started with the first Apple computers blowing away the Windows operating system and on through the years until the iPod and then the iPhone improved intuitive interfaces beyond comprehension. So the most innovative company in the computer biz has a long history of continually improving interactivity, but we all knew that.

What we might not have all known was that we don’t all need computers. But, once again, Apple did. Do you really need a box full of parts with libraries of code, preferences and settings?

NO. You need an elegant device that does what you want it to do. That’s all.

The killer thing about the iPad (is definitely not the name) is that it easily customizes to do what you want it to do. Like the iPhone, you download only the tools (apps) that you require and that’s all you need to know. The simplicity is awe-inspiring. The web has evolved to the point where it’s ubiquitous, necessary and the first place most individuals turn for everything.

There were multitudes of detractors and Apple naysayers out in full force today but the jillions of positive tweets and posts are warranted. This device has opened the door for a single communication, entertainment, productivity application and that is killer news..