Accelerating Start-ups

Promoting One-of-a-kind Products
Speedsleev, best known for their innovative product line that helps cyclists transport necessary gear in the most stylish and efficient ways possible, partners with VFC to consult on professional promotion and social support. VFC collaborated with the inventor and owner of cycling’s best bags to set a consistent standard in everything from copywriting and photography, to undertaking the company’s current Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Campaign Photography and Design, Chester County, PAVFC’s full-featured photography studio is perfect for strategic product shoots and, indeed, day-long catalog sessions—capturing items of all categories for consistent representation in print and web. In Speedsleev’s case, the client was able to sit in on the entire shoot and photo direct. You don’t get that kind of collaboration with just any creative shop.

Most recently, VFC helped the visionaries at Speedsleev organize promotions for a new product launch using a Kickstarter campaign. The newly developed Speedsleev Ranger represents an evolution in the company’s product line and created enough excitement to warrant a backing campaign.

Besides representative photography that clearly and effectively showcases the Ranger’s features and benefits, VFC collaborated on a video with Speedsleev to communicate to potential Kickstarter targets that backing this buttoned-up campaign wasn’t just a new-fangled fad, but a smart choice offered by an established brand.