High Hopes for a Harry Kalas Memorial Statue

To all Harry Kalas friends and fans:

A movement is underway to build a 7-foot-high Harry Kalas bronzed statue that will be donated from Phillies fans to the Phillies. Renowned sculptor Lawrence Nolan (a Philly native who now lives in New Hampshire) is donating his time for this project and already has built a 22-inch model statue. (I have seen pictures of the model which have yet to be  released and Lawrence’s work is simply amazing).

As the author of Harry the K (a life-story book on Harry that will be released in March 2010), I can tell you that the Kalas family is fully behind this project. We need to raise $80,000 for the statue. That sounds like a lot, but it’s only $10 for 8,000 Phillies fans. Whether you opt to donate $1 or $100 or nothing, please pass along this email, post it to your Facebook page and/or Twitter it to help spread the word for Harry. All donations are tax free and can easily be donated through Paypal.

Randy Miller

Phillies beat writer
Bucks County Courier Times