GRAMMAR TIME: Your, You’re, Yore

One advertising agency’s heroic attempt to rid the Internet of an overwhelming number of errors that are as likely signifying the end of days as anything else—say, that sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken that uses two pieces of chicken instead of rolls, or the failure of certain adolescents to wear belts causing their oversized jeans to reveal an excessive proportion of their designer boxer shorts or Lady Gaga.

All too common English language faux pas are long nails slowly moving down the slate blackboard of the World Wide Web. They have become more unnerving as they become more ubiquitous, and dare we say it—more acceptable—contributing to the overall dearth of intelligence on the Internet and the general, but rapidly progressing, decline of human civilization.

Please repost and link to the definitions below every time that you see an OFFENDER so that, together, we can save the Internet to be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren, who will learn and know the difference between Your, You’re and Yore.

Postscript: We do not think we’re smarter than everyone or that anything in the above introduction is true at all (except the part about the chicken sandwich) however, we do usually attempt to develop meaningful, error-free posts in the many places that the Internet allows posting– even if it means taking the time to edit– and we think that you should too!.