VFC’s Five Rs for Brand Management

The earliest educators simplified their goal with discipline-deprecating humor that really got to the core of the matter and was easy for generations of students, parents and teachers to laugh at and remember. The three Rs were essentially what school was always all about and, even though art, music and fitness are occasional electives, reading, riting and rithmetic have always been the core of the educational mission.

In recent years, the ever-progressing evolution of civilization has dictated a greater focus on instructing students to think critically. So, teachers in schools where science has been added to the mix should now be proficient at teaching, hmm… reason.

Any enterprising Ed consultants who happen to read this blog are welcome to borrow that upgrade for your next presentation… so long as you footnote VFC!

At VFC, we are all about simplifying.

As a brand management agency, VFC identifies our client’s core mission, make it easy to understand and apply solutions that are clearly defined… standardized and stylized. It’s our objective to creatively simplify the client message to help reach their goals.

In that spirit of continual simplification, VFC recently brainstormed what our three, four or five Rs might be (and if they might all be spelled correctly, unlike the original bromide). Here’s what we came up with:

RECOGNITION: First we need to strategize and execute ways to get clients’ brands seen. This generally involves refining or reinventing (two great R words) existing brands and competitive research, naming and identity development for start ups. We are intimate with the usual vehicles and explore more unique options all the time.

RETENTION: VFC’s next goal is getting a significant portion of a target audience to remember (hey!) our client’s brand in a positive way. This is best accomplished with repetition (wow) in places the target audience frequents.

RELIABILITY: Beyond the design and image of a brand management campaign– the sizzle– is a story that communicates the brand value and positioning to the client’s audience. In other words VFC creates reasons why consumers should care more about our client’s brand than their competitors.

REVENUE: An improved bottom line is the real reason clients partner with VFC and we are always focused on the biggest bang for the buck! Our brand management campaigns are strategic, organized, creative and original but, in the end, they are also effective and efficient with the ultimate goal of maximum return.

REVERENCE: The brands that VFC works with are, for the most part, owner-operated and someone’s entrepreneurial dream. It’s our collaborative mission– with our partners/clients to cultivate a personalities for their brands that have longevity and demand respect.

Somehow you knew this would all end with an R, right?