The Crop: Spring 2010

Main Line Financial www

After rebranding this dynamic suburban Philadelphia financial firm, VFC strategically developed content and organized an Internet presence to attract new clients and service existing ones. A robust, custom content management system allows MLFA to add white papers, promote events and communicate with their clientele.

Virtual Farm Creative Web

We’ve never subscribed to the notion that the cobbler’s children must go barefoot. If you can’t communicate your own offering in an effective, engaging way, how can you be expected to do so for demanding clients? Still, many VFC competitors fall back on that old bromide while publishing an ‘under construction’ message for months, and in some cases, years. The old VFC site received plenty of compliments, but this new version is just as creative but much punchier, more reliable and better suited for VFC’s effective search engine optimization techniques.

Sly Fox Beer 113 can Release

The family of canned beers brewed by Sly Fox have steadily gained in notoriety and popularity since they were first introduced. Craft Beer in a can was an unexplored concept for the most part, but compelling design and clever promotion have positioned the products very competitively. The latest entrant, Route 113 IPA, is the brewery’s most popular draught and certain to sell quickly inside of this inviting VFC can design.

Harry Kalas logo

VFC Creative Director, Todd Palmer, serves on the board of Dear Harry, Inc., a non-profit whose singular mission is to fund the development of a permanent memorial to beloved Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas. The objection is that the entire cost of the sculpture and its installation will be satisfied with fan donations and VFC is contributing all publicity, promotions and marketing.

BMES Truck Graphics

A brand redirection from Budget Maintenance Emergency Services to BMES, administered by VFC, allows the corporate building response company to market themselves as specialists beyond the parent company offering. The fact that most emergency response is predicated by a natural disaster is highlighted in the striking vehicle wrap, while simple iconry clearly illustrates BMES capabilities and service offerings.