Creating the Perfect Name: Six Steps to Success

– The online brand for Lacrosse International — whose original name was not available as a domain — Laxzilla has become so powerful and memorable
that it is now thought of as the name of the offering by new and existing customers.

– An upscale retail cigar and accessory shop with ambitions of transitioning in events and online sales. Their high-end inventory set them apart from their discount competitors and their name reflected that position.

– VFC developed several product line names for a safety product manufacturer and named and branded hundreds of products within them. One economy line, Asura, communicated value and a certainty of quality to customers.

– With an acronym like SUN, you would expect this solar service company to be excellent. Solar Utility Nexus is a startup service that focuses on the maintenance and repair of existing solar installations.

– An entire faculty of music instructors without an
actual school — their teachers travel, here and there— to deliver dynamic music lessons on a variety of instruments. The name also serves as a recording label.

VFC has refined the naming process to a series of necessary
steps into which we inject creativity and personality.

There are several specific categories or types of names and all are explored in our 14-page
naming proposal that is presented to VFC naming clients. Of course, ALL OF THE NAMES that we develop for clients are strengthened by a representative tagline and VFC corporate identity package that includes logo and brand standards and assets.