Brand new at the farm

Of all the services that Virtual Farm Creative, Inc. offers, our branding capabilities have become a specialty on which established and start-up companies depend to build consistent awareness, loyalty and a sense of excitement around their organizations and offerings. With every name, logo and tag line VFC develops comes a complete brand solution that includes corporate standards defining colors, type styles and art themes, insuring a consistent presentation in all platforms and applications. Organized asset directories provide all branding elements as powerful tool for VFC clients.

Chester County Coins
The completely customized modification of historical typefaces is reminiscent of currency typography while the development of the flourishes and trending color treatments connotes quality and a premium offering. This logotype addresses the directive to create an identity that is old but current.

Utilizing a unique shape that incorporates the allusion of movement while maintaining the corporate color and a refined, stylized version of the existing typography, while communicating a military or official and trustworthy image.