The Crop: Late Summer

Getting fans to fund the creation of a permanent memorial to HARRY KALAS, beloved, long time broadcaster of the Philadelphia Phillies — was the challenge posed to VFC nearly two years ago.

In November 2009, just a few short, sad months after Harry Kalas called his last game, VFC’s creative director, Todd Palmer was contacted by his good friend and college roommate, Lawrence Nowlan. Nowlan asked VFC to join him in a very special project— to forever memorialize Harry Kalas where he should be memorialized… at Citizen’s Bank Park.

The non-profit group Dear Harry, Inc. was formed and VFC set about branding the mission and promoting the movement with the web, social media and several exciting fundraising events.

In short, VFC did whatever was necessary to make the memorial become a reality because we believed two things: Harry Kalas was the greatest baseball broadcaster we had ever known and Lawrence Nowlan was the greatest sculptor we had ever known.

What VFC and the Dear Harry group was attempting was unique, to be certain.


In fact, we weren’t sure that anyone had ever created a memorial of this magnitude funded entirely by fan donations but we were also confident in our artist and steadfast in our belief that the city of Philadelphia required an extraordinary tribute to the voice of the Phillies for so many years.

On August 16, thanks to hundreds of individual donations from people who loved Harry Kalas, people who spent summer after summer with Harry Kalas, people who welcomed Harry Kalas into their homes… Virtual Farm Creative and Dear Harry, Inc. were proud to
present this monument to the Philadelphia Phillies from the fans of Harry Kalas!

Story’s Garage

With a storied history focused primarily on Saab repair, Story’s Garage is a small business intent on achieving a big image overhaul. The corporate identity was directed by the client while VFC recommended color and type treatments that will translate to all branding and a facade upgrade for this friendly shop that now services most makes and models.

Lucky Lab Tavern

The literal interpretation of the name in a custom, original illustration within a bottle cap creates a compelling, memorable glyph as an identifying brand for the Lucky Lab Tavern. The smiling dog character holding a pint glass and looking up toward the loyal, dog-loving patron is underscored by a current, accessible font
styles in a tavernesque treatment.


The concept of the book is changing in the digital age but what remains constant is the affinity that education has with the printed page.

In the American Paradigm Charter Schools identity system, pages are schools or students while the collective book has all of the power of the organizational unit. This concept has been creatively expanded into the layout of the website to provide continuity to the American Paradigm brand personality. The fully custom content management system on the site’s backend allows the client to manage all site content quickly and easily and for each school beneath the umbrella organization to securely manage themselves.